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YachtPro Meeting Düsseldorf 2015

You are kindly invited to this general overview of our new release of YachtPro 2014. Our enterprise resource planning ERP with CRM integrated will be browsed following your needs. This entire set of solutions could help you for more productivity.

This meeting during the Boot Düsseldorf 2015 will be profiled for you, especially if your are involved in operational management and looking to figure out new practices to improve your organization.

All our consultants for this briefing are expert in ERP and CRM for your activity and have a strong experience in yachting industries. We will be at Darse Sud QS54. Please fill the form below for your attendance with your prefered time.





Düsseldorf - Meeting


20th to 22th of January 2015


10h - 18h


  • Thierry F.Y. Soulier


40474 Düsseldorf
Postfach 10 10 06
40001 Düsseldorf

Tel: 0033 609 887 899