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Dbs ERP Production

Dbs Dblog Business Software ERP for Production

Dbs Production is the ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software dedicated to production management and scheduling with Gantt charts, resources tables with times, for a better productivity.

Our software at 100% for yachting professionals, integrates all features and functions you need for your profession with simple and customizable modules to allow you to save time, to jump-start your projects with innovative features and to increase your business productivity.

  • Project, Construction, Production
  • Wood, Dental, Food
  • Contact Management, CRM
  • RDV, Event, Alert, Cloud
  • EAI Outlook and Exchange
  • Telephone CTI 3CX, Screen Pop
  • Budget, Ribursement Management
  • Payment vs Balance
  • Accounting, Cost, P&R
  • Treasury, Reporting
  • SQL, Web, Technology

Customer Relationship Management CRM, especially customer follow-up is integrated into all modules. Data is centralized to save time so you will have only one entry. To facilitate its implementation, our solution will be installed directly on your computers or onto our private and secured cloud. 

Dblog offers 3 installation modes with high level of security and reliability of the system:

  • Dblog VIP Cloud. Provides you with highest privacy settings, deeply customisable, ensuring security of your data, multi-server support and a regular back-up.
  • Microsoft Azur Cloud Infrastructure. Creates an integrated Microsoft solutions environment and eliminates hardware costs.
  • On-premises Server. Gives you a full control over your system, providing you any required assistance.

First use of DBS will be easy because our screens are very close to your business processes. It is an important benefit for your activity. Training and support are realized by software consultants that all have already experienced yachting businesses specificities.

Discover Dbs Business Suite during Trade Shows

Our Dbs new release will be on show during CES in Las Vegas and the ERP trade show in Paris.


Dbs Business Suite has completely been devised by our development team since the beginning. It allows us to respond to your requests and evolution needs very quickly with a high level of quality as we are already close to your working processes. 

Our DBS business software ERP + CRM are innovative software solutions. They meet your yachting business requirements by a thorough knowledge of your internal processes. We also continually integrate the latest technologies in order to help you to evolve for more quality and productivity. 



Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Multisession Multilingual
Warehouse Management
Service Management
Production Management
Accounting P&R Treasury
Cost Accounting
Bank Matching
EAI Project and Finance
Reporting and Statistics
Business Intelligence