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How to install your software ?

Thanks to our experience in yachting of our sales force and our product department, we install YachtPro in your office.

1 – Identification of needs : Our team will contact you by phone or email to assess your company needs and solutions we can bring you. A project group will be created. It will be composed of people from our company (sales representative, IT consultant, etc.) and people from your company (director, project responsible, etc.).
After this stage, we could propose you a software solution adapted to your needs, with YachtPro modules that correspond you. A first quotation will be established with project quantification.

2 – Demonstration : According to your availability, our IT consultants will propose you a meeting to show you YachtPro modules that correspond to your solution.
Then, we will have to agree together on the mode of installation on Cloud or on your IT equipment.
After this validation stage, we could detail the proposition and establish a more precise quotation for the implementation of your project.
An installation and workforce training date will be planned.

3 – Installation : After our agreement, our technical team will come to install YachtPro at this date. They will import your data on YachtPro and stop your previous software or will interface with them. The user training will be done with imported data for an immediate using.