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Cross-Product 2017 New Mid-year Features

New 2017 mid-year features at a glance available by free update with your full licence

Get your best ERP and CRM full range proposal! With its CRM fully integrated in the ERP our solution is a great assistant for i.e.: your project managers for their proposals, reviewing of jobs, costs & margin calculation, accounts receivable invoicing and quick payments.

  • ERP dematerialized invoice web module is integrated to your web site so you can go a step further in optimizing your internal processes while reducing your paper use.
  • Shop online module is our push solution to synchornize your product selection from your ERP software directly to your internet shop module with only one click. Online orders will be driven into your ERP software by a real time process.
  • Payment module is now compliant with PayPal, Visa and American Express secured online payment processes.
  • Tablet full compliance will allow you to use zoom, move list with your fingers and share data in a quick and structured way directly from where you are.
  • Industrial terminal and Windows Mobile modules will help your users to input data in a real time process remotely wherever they are.

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